This web page contains information about some of my academic activities in the past a few years.

Books edited

Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces
edited by I. Nakamura & L. Weng
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics, 58
Math Soc. Japan, 2010
The conference "Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces" was held in September 2007, at Sapporo (Hokkaido university). Twenty talks were delivered by invited speakers on arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry and complex geometry. This volume is the proceedings of the conference, to be exact, a collection of eleven papers contributed by some of the speakers which have undergone rigorous refereeing. The topics that are discussed in the articles are diverse in nature such as class field theory, zeta functions, moduli of arithmetic vector bundles, moduli of complex vector bundles, moduli of abelian varieties and theory of display, moduli of Fermat varieties and some topics on cubic threefolds. Among others, the papers of Pappas-Rapoport, Rajan and Weng address many new interesting questions in the related fields, which seem to be worthy of reading for young researchers.

Conference on $\small{L}$-Functions
edited by L. Weng & M. Kaneko
World Scientific
This invaluable volume collects papers written by many of the world's top experts on L-functions. It not only covers a wide range of topics from algebraic and analytic number theories, automorphic forms, to geometry and mathematical physics, but also treats the theory as a whole. The contributions reflect the latest, most advanced and most important aspects of L-functions. In particular, it contains Hida's lecture notes at the conference and at the Eigenvariety semester in Harvard University and Weng's detailed account of his works on high rank zeta functions and non-abelian L-functions.

Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory
edited by L. Weng & I. Nakamura
World Scientific, 2006
Mathematics is very much a part of our culture; and this invaluable collection serves the purpose of developing the branches involved, popularizing the existing theories and guiding our future explorations. More precisely, the goal is to bring the reader to the frontier of current developments in arithmetic geometry and number theory through the works of Deninger-Werner in vector bundles on curves over p-adic fields; of Jiang on local gamma factors in automorphic representations; of Weng on Deligne pairings and Takhtajan-Zograf metrics; of Yoshida on CM-periods; of Yu on transcendence of special values of zetas over finite fields. In addition, the lecture notes presented by Weng at the University of Toronto from October to November 2005 explain basic ideas and the reasons (not just the language and conclusions) behind Langlands' fundamental, yet notably difficult, works on the Eisenstein series and spectral decompositions. And finally, a brand new concept by Weng called the Geometric Arithmetic program that uses algebraic and/or analytic methods, based on geometric considerations, to develop the promising and yet to be cultivated land of global arithmetic that includes non-abelian Class Field Theory, Riemann Hypothesis and non-abelian Zeta and L Functions, etc.

Conferences organized

Title Organizer(s) Time Venue

Bundles over Surfaces and Eisenstein Periods for Loop Groups L.Weng 2014.06.30 ~ 2014.07.01 Kyushu Univ, Fukuoka

Symposium on Automorphic Functions and Arithmetic Geometry: One for Prof. L. Lafforgue's visit L.Weng 2013.04.26 ~ 2013.04.28 Kyushu Univ, Fukuoka

Symposium on Arithmetic Geometry S.Hattori, I.Nakamura & L.Weng 2012.10.19 ~ 2012.10.21 Kyushu Univ, Fukuoka

Symposium on Arithmetic & Geometry L. Weng 2012.06.01 ~ 2012.06.02 Kyushu Univ, Fukuoka

Workshop on L-Functions L. Weng 2011.04.21 ~ 2011.04.23 Kyushu Univ, Fukuoka

Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces I. Nakamura & L. Weng 2007.09.03 ~ 2007.09.07 Hokkaido Univ, Sapporo

Conference on L-Functions L. Weng & M. Kaneko 2006.02.18 ~ 2006.02.23 Nishijin Plaza, Fukuoka

Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory L. Weng 2005.03.21 ~ 2005.03.25 Karatsu

Towards IC Stability L. Weng et al 2004.05 Karatsu

Kyushu Joint Seminar

Title Speaker Time Venue

Introduction to the Langlands programme Laurent Lafforgue (IHES) 2013.05.01 Kyushu University

$\mathrm{PSL}(n;\mathbb R)$ Surface Group Representations and Projective Twist-Bulge Deformations Scott A. Wolpert (University of Maryland) 2013.11.09 Kagoshima University

Wild ramification and the characteristic cycle of an $l$-adic sheaf Takeshi Saito (University of Tokyo) 2014.01.11 Saga University

Invitation to Inter-universal Teichm\"uller Theory Shinichi Mochizuki (Kyoto University) 2014.05.24 Kumamoto University

First Talk: Non CM components of the 'big' Hecke algebra Second Talk:Weakly commensurable Zariski-dense subgroups of semi-simple groups and isospectral locally symmetric spaces Haruzo Hida (UCLA) AND Gopal Prasad (University of Michigan) 2014.07.26 Kumamoto University

Conference Talks (Selected)

Title Conference Time Venue

Central Extensions and Reciprocity Laws for Arithmetic Surfaces Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry 2016 2016.01.25-29 Tokyo

Zeta Functions and Their Zeros Series of talks at Hokkaido University 2014.07.22-23 Sapporo

Motivic Euler Product and Its Applications Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry 2014 2014.01.27-30 Tokyo

Zeta Functions and Their Zeros Special Course at MSC, Tsinghua University 2013.11-12 Beijing

Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics for Relative Shafarevich-Tate Groups 7th China-Japan Seminar on Number Theory 2013.10.28-11.01 Fukuoka

Global adelic cohomology groups for arithmetic varieties Pan Asia Number Theory 2013 2013.07.22-26 Hanoi

General Uniformity of Zeta Functions Global invariants and moduli spaces 2013.05.28-30 Seoul

Higher rank zeta functions and Riemann Hypothesis for elliptic curves Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry 2013 2013.01.28-31 Tokyo

Non-abelian Zeta Functions for Elliptic Curves and Their Zeros 2012 Conference on $L$ Functions 2012.08.21-24 Jeju

Non-Abelian Zeta Functions HIDA 60: $p$-adic Modular Forms and Arithmetic 2012.06.18-23 Los Angeles

Parabolic reduction, stability and volumes of fundamental domains Automorphic forms and automorphic functions 2012.01.02-03 Kyoto

A local family index theorem in log geometry Tokyo-Seoul conference in mathematics: Complex Geometry 2011.12.02-03 Tokyo

A construction of zeta functions Intensive lectures 2011.11.28-12.02 Kyoto

Relative Bott-Chern secondary characteristic classes and arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem Number theory and related fields 2011.06.01-06 Hefei

A Construction of Non-Abelian L-Functions Workshop on L-Functions 2011.04.23 Fukuoka

Relative Bott-Chern Secondary Characteristic Classes Workshop on Complex Geometry 2010.07.23 Hong Kong

Arithmetic Riemann-Roch and Geometry of Riemann Surfaces Lectures on Spectral Invariants and Moduli Spaces 2010.06.22 Seoul

Zeta Functions for $\small{(G,P)/\mathbb Q}$ Zeta Function Days in Seoul 2009.09.03 Seoul

Stability and Arithmetic Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics 2008.12.11 Kyoto

Symmetries and the Riemann Hypothesis Algebraic Geometry and its new developments 2008.11.21 Kyoto

Symmetries and the Riemann Hypothesis $\small{L}$-functions in Arithmetic and Geometry 2008.06.26 Muenster

Stability in Arithmetic Complex Geometry in Osaka 2007.11 Osaka

General Class Field Theory Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces 2007.09 Sapporo

General Class Field Theory Euler 300: Arithmetic Geometry 2007.06 St. Petersberg

Non-Abelian L-Functions Conference on L-Functions 2006.02 Fukuoka

Non-Abelian L Functions for Number Fields Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory 2005.06 Karatsu
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