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Professor, Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University  Link

Chief, Stochastic Analysis Research Center, Kyushu University  Link

My main subject is the probability theory. I study in particular that various mathmatical problems arising from statistial physics. I have organized a symposium concerning on these and made this research field active. In our department, we have a regular seminar on probability theory. We invite various people to our seminar. This is a good opportunity for our study.

Research Interest

Probability Theory, Stochastic Analysis, Homogenization of diffusions, Diffusions on fractals, Infinite particle systems, Interacting Brownian motions, Random Matrices

Research Project Supported by JSPS Kakenhi,

KIBAN-S(16H06338), "Stochastic analysis on infinite particle systems"

Challenging Research (Exploratory) (20K20885), "Classical dynamics of infinite particle systems"

Previous Research Project Supported by JSPS Kakenhi

Challenging Exploratory Research(16K13764), "Strict Coulomb infinite particle systems: phase transition conjectures and Kepler problem"

"Stochastic geometry and stochastic dynamics of infinite particle systems interacting through two-dimensional Coulomb potentials"

"Infinite-dimensional stochastic dynamical system related to Random matrices and statistical physics"
「ランダム行列、統計物理に動機づけられた無限次元確率力学系 」

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