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    会場: 九大伊都キャンパス ウエスト1号館 C-513中講義室およびC514小講義室 (対面開催)
    日時: 2023年6月6日(火) 10:45〜12:15 (@C-513),14:30〜16:00 (@C-514)
           6月7日(水) 10:45〜12:15 (@C-513),14:30〜16:00 (@C-513)

    講演者:Henrik Bachmann(名古屋大学),Annnika Burmester(Bielefeld University)
    講演題目:Formalization of multiple Eisenstein series

    要旨:In this lecture series, we will introduce a formalization of multiple Eisenstein series. We will start with a historical overview of multiple Eisenstein series and related conjectures, which will give a motivation for the definition of their formal analogues. We will see that in the lowest depth, the formal objects satisfy the same relations as the classical Eisenstein series, which leads to a definition of formal modular forms. The second part consists of the presentation of another formal setup for multiple Eisenstein series, which simplifies the description of the relations between them. Then, inspired by Racinet's approach to formal multiple zeta values, we will rephrase the relations between formal multiple Eisenstein series in terms of non-commutative power series. This allows us to show that our formal setup is also a generalization of formal multiple zeta values. Finally, we introduce some derivations on the algebra of formal multiple Eisenstein series. In particular, we obtain an \(\mathfrak{sl}_2\)-action, which generalizes the one on (formal) quasimodular forms.


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