All participants including invited speakers are required to register online.
  • Registration fee:
  • 5000 yen (3000 yen for students)
  • Welcome party:
  • July 31st
  • 3000 yen
    (1000 yen for students)
  • Excursion: Karatsu
  • Aug. 7th
  • 4000 yen
    (3000 yen for students)

All fees are tentative. Click here for details of Banquet and Excursion.

Registration desk will open in the morning of July 31st. The fees will be received there.

If you would like to confirm your response, please view the auto-sent e-mail in HTML and click the link "edit your response".

Important notice

The venue is changed to
Lecture Theater 5, Shiiki Hall.

What's new

July 5th 2019, Program updated.
April 16th 2019, Speakers updated.
April 7th 2019, Registration opens.
(Deadline:May 31st 2019)
March 22nd 2019, Speakers updated.

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