2nd Tunisian-Japanese Conference

Geometric and Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces

Arrival Day:  December 11, 2011 (SUN)
Departure Day:  December 17, 2011 (SAT)

(Last modified: January 23, 2012)

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Organizers:  Ali Baklouti (Sfax University, Tunisia),   Takaaki Nomura (Kyushu University, Japan)

Purpose of the seminar:

   Lie group representation theory and harmonic analysis on Lie groups and on their homogeneous spaces 
have built up enormous stores of knowledge as a significant and indispensable area of mathematics since 
the end of the World War II when the research in these areas began. These areas are closely interrelated 
with various other mathematical fields such as number theory, algebraic geometry, 
differential geometry, operator algebra, partial differential equations and mathematical physics, and are
still growing and developing. In these circumstances, Ali Baklouti and Takaaki Nomura got a plan to
organize joint seminars. The first seminar took place on November 2009 in Kerkennah Islands. 
   This seminar was focused upon analysis with the keyword harmonic analysis as a core in such vast 
spread of research areas within the framework of academic program under the cooperation of Ministry of 
Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology in Tunisia (MHESRT) and Japan Society for the 
Promotion of Science (JSPS).  
   Many researchers on the forefront in both countries, experts in the concerned research areas from 
different corners, brought together the newest research results and discussed further progress of their 
research. This was a boosting reason for Ali Baklouti and Takaaki Nomura to continue the collaboration 
through the organization of a second Tunisian-Japanese meeting which is planned to emphasis direction 
axes of research toward commutative harmonic analysis (Fourier analysis on Euclidean spaces), analysis on
homogeneous spaces, uncertainty principles and geometric analysis and some of their applications such as 
stochastic analysis and spectral theory.

Program (final version) : HTML  PDF

(The HTML page is the program we have actually done.)

Abstracts:   PDF

We plan to publish Proceedings of the conference.
A special issue of Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics will be devoted to this purpose.
The Proceedings of the first conference are now available.

Venue:   The conference takes place in El Mouradi Palace Hotel (5 stars), Port Elkantaoui, Sousse.

The hotel is located 25 km away from Monastir international Airport.
We strongly encourage participants coming from abroad to use this airport.
The connection with several countries is quite frequent, especially with European countries.

Getting to the Hotel:
Arriving at Monastir Airport: One can take a metro to Sousse and then take a taxi to the hotel or
take a taxi directly from the airport which is recommended.
The rate is 15--20 Euros to be fixed with the Taxi driver showing him the name of the hotel.
Arriving at Tunis-Carthage Airport: You have to take a train to Sousse station or Kâlaa Sghira station
and then take a taxi to the hotel.
The rate of the taxi is 5--10 Euros to be fixed with the taxi driver showing him the name of the hotel.
Train timetable is here.

Participation Fees (to be paid at the venue) :
(1) Local participants lodging in the hotel for the whole period of the conference: 450 T. Dinars. (full board)
(2) Participants not staying in the hotel: 220 T. Dinars. (lunches only)
(3) Participants from abroad: 300 Euros or its equivalent in T. Dinars. (full board) Two extra nights are included.

Internet: A free internet Wifi connection will be offered to the conference participants.

We encourage the participants to ask for funds from their home institutions to attend.
The conference budget is quite limited.
A small number of funds will be especially devoted to young researchers to attend.

List of Participants:
From Japan  
 Hidenori Fujiwara  (Fukuoka)
 Nobuaki Obata  (Sendai)
 Hideyuki Ishi  (Nagoya)
 Junko Inoue  (Tottori)
 Taro Yoshino  (Tokyo)
 Chifune Kai  (Kanazawa)
 Atsumu Sasaki  (Hiratsuka)
From Tunisia  
 Khalifa Trimèche  (Tunis)
 H. Chebli  (Tunis)
 Mohamed Sifi  (Tunis)
 Najib Ben Salem  (Tunis)
 Ahmad Fitouhi  (Tunis)
 H. Ourdiane  (Tunis)
 Dorra Bourguiba
 M. Najib Lazhari
 S. Kouki
 Mohamed Selmi
 Mabrouk Ben Ammar
 Boujemaa Agrebaoui
 S. Azaouzi
 A. Hassairi
 W. Aloulou
 F. Ammar
 K. Maktouf
 M. Akriche
 L. Kamoun
 I. Kédim
 Abderrazak Karoui
 M. Mounir Nessibi
From France  
 Jacques Faraut  (Paris)
 Michel Duflo  (Paris)
 Jean Ludwig  (Metz)
 Didier Arnal
 Dominique Manchon
 Khalid Koufany  (Nancy)
 Jean-Philippe Anker  (Orléans)
 Philippe Jaming  (Orléans)
 Salem Bensaid  (Nancy)
 Yves Cornulier  (Orsay)
From other countries  
 Sundaram Thangavelu  (Bangalore)
 Rajesh Srivastava  (Allahabad)
 P. K. Ratnakumar  (Allahabad)
 Sanjay Parui  (Niser)
 M. Filali  (Oulou)
 Ahmed Aboulez  (Casablanca)
 Radouan Daher  (Casablanca)
 A. Boussejra  (Kénitra)
 Samir Kabbaj  (Kénitra)
 S. Fahlaoui  (Meknes)
 A. Bentaleb  (Meknes)
 Patrick Tchepmo  (Durban)

Support:  This seminar is supported by
   --- Gran-in-Aid for Scientific Research in Japan (JSPS)
   --- The Tunisian Mathematical Society
   --- Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology in Tunisia (MHESRT)
   --- Ambassade de France en Tunisie
   --- The Faculty of Sciences of Sfax
   --- Ecole Doctorale, Sciences Fondamentales (Sfax University)

The web page of the 1st Tunisian-Japanese Conference (November, 2009)

Local Organizing Committee:
Ali Baklouti, Majdi Ben Halima, Sami Dhieb, Mounir Elloumi, Imed Kedim and Raza Lahiani

Contact:  Ali Baklouti or Takaaki Nomura