4th Tunisian-Japanese Conference

Geometric and Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces
in Honor of Professor Jean Ludwig

Professor Ludwig's Biography
Article written by D. Arnal and A. Baklouti

Arrival Day:  December 18, 2015 (FRI)    (from 15:00)
Departure Day:  December 23, 2015 (WED)  (after lunch)

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Organizers: Ali Baklouti (Sfax University, Tunisia),   Takaaki Nomura (Kyushu University, Japan)
Venue: All the lectures and activities of the conference take place in Rosa Beach Hotel, Monastir.
Way to the Hotel: --- The hotel is located 1km away from Monastir airport, and
   we strongly recommend people to use this airport whenever possible.
   Someone will pick you up at the Monastir airport and drive you to the hotel.
   So, please have in mind to send us the exact time of your arrival as soon as you can.
--- If you arrive at Tunis-Carthage airport, the standard way to move from Tunis Airport to Monastir is the following::
  1. Take a taxi from the airport to the main train station.
  2. Take the train to Monastir. The website of the SNCFT for timetable of trains.
  3. Take once again another taxi from Monastir station to the hotel.
   We plan to organize sharings of taxis from Tunis Airport to the hotel and also for the way back.
   The single way costs around 90 Euros, which can be shared among travellers.
   So, please have in mind to send us the exact time of your arrival as soon as you can, so that we can schedule common Taxis.
   This option is also valid for people coming through Enfidha airport., and one single way costs around 60 Euros.
Bus Organization: On December 18, a bus will depart from Tunis-Carthage airport directly to the Rosa-Beach hotel. The exact time of departure
will be settled after we receive all the information on arrival of all participants coming through this airport. The bus is free of charge.
Purpose of the seminar:
Lie group representation theory and harmonic analysis on Lie groups and on their homogeneous
spaces form a significant and important area of mathematical research. Interest in these areas began 
soon after World War II and has gained much strength since then. These areas are interrelated with 
various other mathematical fields such as number theory, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, 
operator algebra, partial differential equations and mathematical physics. Keeping up with the fast 
development of this exciting area of research, Ali Baklouti (University of Sfax) and Takaaki Nomura 
(Kyushu University) launched a series of seminars on the topic, the first of which took place on 
November 2009 in Kerkennah Islands, the second in Sousse  on December 2011, and the third in Hammamet 
on December 2013.
	The main focus of these seminars was in the area of Analysis and on topics of joint collaboration 
sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology in Tunisia (MHESRT) 
and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Many experts from both countries have been 
involved in running this seminar and have contributed greatly in making seminars successful.  
	This has been a major incentive for both Ali Baklouti and Takaaki Nomura to organize a fourth
Tunisian-Japanese meeting which aims at exploring topics such as commutative harmonic analysis (Fourier 
analysis on Euclidean spaces), analysis on homogeneous spaces, uncertainty principles and geometric 
analysis and some of their interactions with operator algebras.
Program carried out: PDF,   HTML  Abstracts are here.
Registration Fee : 100 Euros or the equivalent Tunisian Dinars
On December 18, the registration and the check-in start at 15:00.
Accommodation Fee: 250 Euros or the equivalent Tunisian Dinars
Accompanying persons: 250 Euros or the equivalent Tunisian Dinars /person
These fees cover the whole period of the conference in the hotel with the option "Soft All Inclusive" (better than the option "Full Board")
plus the social program. If you plan to stay more extra days before or after the conference period, please inform the local organizers
for booking as soon as you fix your air-tickets. All the modalities of lodging families could be found in the website of the hotel.
For students: 500 Tunisian Dinars (registration + accommodation)
Day Package: 250 Tunisian Dinars (without accommodation, that is, the registration fee + the coffee breaks + the lunches + the social program)
For speakers: Video and overhead projectors will be available for presentations. For those who intend to speak without these materials,  large boards will be also available.
Participants: As of December 12, 2015
We encourage the participants to ask for funds from their home institutions to attend.
The conference budget is quite limited. A small number of funds will be especially devoted to young researchers.
Internet: A free internet Wifi connection will be offered to the conference participants.
 --- Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research in Japan (JSPS)
 --- The Tunisian Mathematical Society
 --- Mediterranean Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (MIMS)
 --- Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology in Tunisia (MHESRT)
 --- The Faculty of Sciences of Sfax
 --- Ecole Doctorale, Sciences Fondamentales (Sfax University)
Past conferences: 1st (Kerkennah),   2nd (Sousse),   3rd (Hammamet)
Proceedings of
the 3rd conference:
Part I (Adv. Pure Appl. Math., 6 (2015), 61--134).   Part II (Adv. Pure Appl. Math., 6 (2015), 189--283).
Local Organizing Committee: Ali Baklouti, Fatma Khlif, Bilel Kadri, Manar Toumi
Secretary: Maryem Kchaou