◆研究集会「第13回 非線型の諸問題」を開催いたします。


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9 月 18 日(月)

14:00 -- 14:50 柴田 徹太郎 (広島大)
Global and local structures of oscillatory bifurcation curves

15:00 -- 15:50 石田 祥子 (千葉大学)
Finite-time blow-up in a parabolic-parabolic Keller--Segel system with porous medium diffusion

16:10 -- 17:00 加藤 圭一 (東京理科大)
Application of wave packet transform to dispersive equations

9 月 19 日(火)

10:00 -- 10:50 Feimin Huang (AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Compressible Euler equations and related problems

11:00 -- 11:50 Elio Eduardo Espejo Arenas (九州大学)
Mathematical models describing the emergent dynamics in complex systems

14:00 -- 14:50 片山 聡一郎 (大阪大学)
Global existence for a class of system of nonlinear wave and Klein-Gordon equations

15:00 -- 15:50 若杉 勇太 (愛媛大学)
Lp-Lq estimates for the damped wave equation and their application to the nonlinear problem with slowly decaying data

16:10 -- 17:00 倉田 和浩 (首都大学東京)
On an asymptotic behavior of minimizers of the variational problem arising from a certain FitzHugh-Nagumo system with an inhomogeneous diffusion coefficient


9 月 20 日(水)

10:00 -- 10:50 高棹 圭介 (東京大学)
Rectifiability of varifolds in the singular limit of Allen-Cahn equation with non-local term

11:00 -- 11:50 楠岡 誠一郎 (岡山大学)
The invariant measure and the flow of the $\Phi ^4_3$-quantum field model

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