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九州大学大学院数理学府博士後期課程2年 リーディングプログラム生 袁壄



In December 2017, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the post-quantum cryptography (PQC) standard process. For the future new standard, it should support the great number of classical devices which have different machine architectures, including but not limited to PCs, smart devices, and sensor nodes. Therefore, the research subject of multiple-platform implementation of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms becomes important, and the performance should be investigated.

To study the practical implementation of PQC, I visited Dr. Atsushi Yamada, the vice president and the research leader of ISARA Corporation. I joined the development team, mainly working with Mr. Alex Parent and Mr. Jerry Sui, to help to implement quantum resistance identity-based encryption (IBE) schemes.

Our task was to implement two different lattice-based IBE schemes, a new learning with errors (LWE)-based IBE and an NTRU-based IBE, and create the APIs for testing and deployment. We rewrote the LWE-based IBE scheme into a high-security level algorithm and reduced the key sizes and sped up the execution of the NTRU-based IBE. To improve run-time performance, we used the number theoretic transform method which combines the bit reverse operations with the typical butterfly method, and compared several discrete Gaussian sampling methods for random value generation. Our results showed that there is a significant difference in the performances of those two schemes for the same security level. My effort is beneficial to make this task set up smoothly.

During this period, I reported the performance results of several candidate algorithms of the NIST's PQC standardization project on multiple platforms, and this work could be a good reference for the project. The overseas internship experience has great referenced value to my research topic.

Throughout the oversea internships, I have good knowledge and hands-on experience in practical implementation of lattice-based cryptosystems and related algorithms. I gained extensive programming experience from serious mathematical development, which allows me to achieve programming for cryptosystem independently. I also have experience working with some top-class research institutions and understand the relevant PQC studies.

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